When I say Summer-ize your home, I don’t just mean making sure your home is set for preventative summer maintenance issues but also relaxation ready too!

Firstly, make sure you change your filters in your heating/cooling system. Change them regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.
Your air ducts may need testing for leaks and perhaps sealed. Your attic insulation may have compacted, so you may possibly need to add more. Your doors and windows and other parts of the building may need caulking and weather stripping. Consider solar window film to keep out the heat.
Contemplate changing your old thermostat to a high-tech programmable one. It can save you close to $100 a year by using a new set-back thermostat. If your thermostat is really old and uses a mercury switch (a glass tube filed with silvery substance) call your local public works department to find out how to dispose of this toxic material.
Take into consideration installing a whole-house fan that uses cool air in the evening to cool the entire house and push hot air out of the attic area.

Now for the relaxation, first make sure your patio or porch is clean and bug proof. Clean all of the seasonal scraps, dirt and webs left behind. Possibly screen in your patio area so that you don’t have to fight insects. You can find affordable screen strips or even herbs such as mint to fight mosquitos at your local hardware/gardening store.
Invest in citronella candles or sticks as well they also provide aroma therapy for you. Décor is always a plus. Many of the furniture stores have so much to offer for patio furniture and pillows. You just have to find your style and taste to personalize your space. Faux flowers mixed in with your real ones also add to the summer vibe and you don’t have to worry about watering them. The best tip to summer-izing your home is to make sure it’s cool on the inside and relaxing on the outside for you, your family and friends to enjoy all summer long!

Posted by: heritagerealestate on June 30, 2016
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