Changes in life may mean that you are downsizing the square footage of your new home in comparison to your current home. Moving is an ideal time to purge your house of items you no longer need or use. Don’t let downsizing cause unnecessary stress. Instead follow these tips to make downsizing a breeze.

1: Take inventory of items in your house and decide what you cannot live without. Think about the question, if you were on a deserted island, what five things would you want with you? Perhaps your list includes a family photo album, a book, your computer or a family heirloom. Regardless of what makes your list, make sure to keep these items safe for the move.

2: Do not wait until the last minute to get rid of excess items. The closer you are to the move, the more likely you might be to throw everything in a box and move it to the new home because you didn’t have time to decide whether or not to keep it. Schedule time every day or every week to make decisions on what you no longer need.

3: When you make a decision on an item, get it out of your house as soon as possible to avoid changing your mind. If you keep something around, you may subconsciously come up with a reason to keep it. However, if you dispose of it quickly, it is gone and you will not be reminded of it. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

4: Consider the type of home you are moving into when you downsize. Perhaps now you live in a home where you take care of the outdoor areas, but you are moving to a condo or townhome where you are paying for the outdoor maintenance to be done for you. In this case, you can depart with your lawn mower and gardening tools.

5: Avoid throwing items away in the garbage. Instead think about family members, neighbors, friends or co-workers who may benefit from the items you do not need or want. You can also donate items to a charity. Sometimes it’s easier to part with things when you know someone else will put them to good use.

Posted by: heritagerealestate on May 24, 2018
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