Heritage Real Estate Services can manage the renovation of your rental real estate from start to finish. From removing debris to renovations to staging the home, we have the resources to make sure your valuable rental will yield maximum rental income for the market.

  • Before and after photos
  • YouTube Video for you to archive for your records
  • Shopping selections/Three Designs for you to choose from
  • Weekly reports of progress of the renovation project (Email & Phone call is requested)
  • Interviewing of Contractors/ Reference checks
  • Access to Property for Contractors
  • Price Comparison for overall best price for work

hard hat with blue print on wooden background

  • Confirmation of correct zoning and compliance for your respective city
  • Selecting contractors, and creating a working schedule/ 4 Phase Work Order
  • Once the project is underway, the project manager will be the owner’s representative on-site, and will ensure the project is being built to the owner’s exact specifications/selections
  • Project manager will also be required to provide the owner with updates on the progress and credits of the project/provide agreement if any items are not needed for rehab to ensure owner gets reimbursed